Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Football Pools

In the days of betting shops on every corner, betting online and on mobile and betting on every possible event from sports to reality TV to politics, how many of you realise that The Football Pools are still going strong?

The Football Pools is the UK’s leading football pool betting company, and have been giving their customers the chance to win big cash prizes for over 90 years.

They are the original, the most trusted, the biggest and the best place to play football pool games! Their story is one of fame and fortune – over their 92 year history, they have paid out over £3.2billion to winners. In 1961, one of the most famous Football Pools winning couples, the Nicholsons, scooped £152,319.00 (equivalent to approx £3million today). Viv Nicholson declared that she would ‘spend, spend, spend” and as result of doing just that, they quickly depleted their fortune, becoming one of the most talked about Pools winners ever.

During the particularly harsh winter of 1963, the Pools Panel was born. Postponed or cancelled matches are adjudicated on by a panel of experts so that the customers can still be in with a chance to win! Previous panelists have included Sir Tom Finney, Ted Drake and Arthur Ellis with the current Pools Panel consisting of England World Cup winners Gordon Banks and Roger Hunt and former Scotland international Tony Green. The panel meet every Saturday morning in case of postponements or cancellations.

By this time, The Football Pools had become a key part of British life and by the mid 80’s, Grandstand featured The Football Pools results as part of their Saturday round up show and Saturday teatime became synonymous with The Football Pools.

In 1986 The Football Pools reached a fantastic milestone with the very first Football Pools millionaires and in March 2010, The Football Pools celebrated its biggest ever top prize payout with a massive £4 million paid out in a single weekend of football. 

Today, the Football Pools brings its customers a host of games to play, in addition to the Classic Pools where customers have to forecast the results of 10 games for a chance of claiming a £3,000,000 jackpot.

Next is the Goal Rush where you have to select 10 games where you expect both teams to score. Again there is the chance that you could win the Jackpot of £3,000,000. 

For a game where you only have to forecast six results, try Soccer 6, which still give you the opportunity to win thousands of pounds!

For something different, why not have a go on the good, old fashioned Spot the Ball. Select the spot where you think the ball should be and choose a minimum of 5 spots at 20p per spot. This is a daily game and each day’s game is closed at 9pm that day and the result announced shortly after (but you can enter any of the games listed for the rest of the week). If you correctly spot the centre of the ball, you win the Top Prize and there are prizes for being closest to the centre every day.

Finally all new players at The Football Pools get off to a winning start with a fantastic Welcome Bonus offer on both Pools & Casino games. If you sign up today you’ll get a 100% match deposit bonus on each of your first three deposits.

The bonus is split 80% Casino and 20% Pools, for example:

Make a deposit of £25 and you will receive a £20 Casino bonus & £5 Pools bonus.

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